Pop-up sculpture, Origami Architecture or Kirigami

Handmade paper model

Pop-up sculpture, Origami Architecture or Kirigami

Sculpted into a single folded piece of high quality white glossy photo paper

Looks fantastic with a coloured back light

Actual paper model shown in picture

(not a template or pattern kit)

Hand cut with craft knife and shaping the paper takes many hours to complete

this highly collectible and decorative model.

Could also be used as an executive pop-up gift card.

Depth = 9cm
Height = 9cm
Width = 23cm

More to follow soon

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Origami Architecture Template


Here is a simple but impressive paper structure for you to try 😉

You will need: a piece of A4 paper, a cutting board, a craft knife, a steel rule.

Lightly score grey dots for uniform folds. (Do not cut right through)

Cut right through parallel grey lines.

Cut out frame & discard waste.

Cut right through grey centre lines so that frame is in two halves.

Carefully fold grey dots.

Push frame pieces inside each other to make elevated rays stand upwards. Fix with glue or tape. Then Display!

Origamic architecture template

Resize (if necessary), using paint or other editing tool. Print it off on any type of paper, plain or coloured looks great or get a more solid look using glossy photo paper, but it is a little trickier to cut and fold. The cutting lines are on the back of this structure once finished so, don’t worry about them showing.

papercraft an inexpensive hobby

Papercraft is a fantastic pastime that is available to everyone who has access to a piece of new (or used),  paper and a reliable cutting tool such as a craft knife or pair of scissors.

Even young children can create great ornamental and decorative models with this inexpensive hobby but, should always be supervised when using sharp cutting tools and strong adhesives.

Aeroplane, animal, boat, car and gaming figure templates are popular and are widely available for downloading all over the internet and can be printed out for free if you have a reliable colour printer at home or you could use your local library for internet access and printing for a small fee.