Optical illusion using real wood veneers

Marquetry Art


Not paper this time, but some left over pieces of wooden veneer from a restoration project. This use of natural wood veneers creates a few leafy stems, a flower¬† and a Butterfly giving the illusion of a woman’s face.


papercraft tools

Basic paper crafting doesn’t need much more than a pair of scissors and your design, drawn or ideally printed on it so that you can carefully cut it out and add glue to stick it together.

As you progress in paper craft, your models become more precise and will have finer detail to deal with. I suggest the following items for good, neat and tidy paper craft models:

A Craft knife or scalpel for perfect cuts

A Cutting board is a must for protecting your work table

Cocktail sticks are ideal for applying glue and aren’t as messy as a brush

Matt photo paper is great for pliability and prints much brighter colours than basic or cheaper paper

PVA glue is safe, strong, dries clear and dries fast.

A steel rule is used for a perfect straight line. Plastic and wooden rulers are too soft and you could cut into the ruler and ruin it and your work.

Scissors are useful for cutting out larger waste paper pieces.

Tweezers are good for picking up small pieces and will even help with creating smaller folds.

papercraft an inexpensive hobby

Papercraft is a fantastic pastime that is available to everyone who has access to a piece of new (or used),  paper and a reliable cutting tool such as a craft knife or pair of scissors.

Even young children can create great ornamental and decorative models with this inexpensive hobby but, should always be supervised when using sharp cutting tools and strong adhesives.

Aeroplane, animal, boat, car and gaming figure templates are popular and are widely available for downloading all over the internet and can be printed out for free if you have a reliable colour printer at home or you could use your local library for internet access and printing for a small fee.